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Russian Voice Over & Voice Acting

Julia Polanskaya - Native Russian speaking Voice Over Actress originally from Saint Petersburg, Russia, currently she lives in Los Angeles, CA.

Julia has vast experience as a movie and theatre actress, announcer, singer and voice coach.


Soft, warm-colored Female Adult voice. Upbeat, believable, informative, authoritative, colorful, deep and sensual. Considerable as voice of a “good advisor”, mother, responsible and gentle person. But could be strong, official and imposing, depending on context.

Versatile announcer Julia is a Russian voice over Non-Union talent for advertising, commercials, documentaries, movie trailers and more.

Audio Books Voice Over

А. Аkhmatova Poetry 1 "Я не любви твоей прошу".mp3
B. Akhmadullina Poetry 4 "Герой".mp3
B. Akhmadullina Poetry 2 "Луч".mp3
М. Tsvetaeva Poetry 3 "Сто часов счастья".mp3


Advertisement for "Rusa Radio" NYC .mp3

Formal and Broadcasting

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